Monday, May 30, 2016

Event #1

Event #1
May 3, 2016

The first event I attended was a lecture by the great Anne Neimetz. She is a former student of professor Vensa who went on to be a professional media artist and designer. Throughout the presentation, she showed all of her previous major projects that she worked on or contributed too. It was very interesting to see the correlation between what she has went on to do in her career and what we have learned this quarter about art and science. Her work that is most intriguing is the wearable fashion her and her students have created.

One of the projects she worked on was Stretching L.A. 2013. This exhibition included 4 performers wearing sensor suspenders. When stretched, the suspenders play a hand full of Larry King statements (one per suspender). The four guys make music with these sounds ultimately making the suspenders wearable musical instruments. This ties science and fashion (art) together making an interactive clothing.

Another one of her projects was one that is very relative to our time now where technology is giving people access to places and things they couldn't access before. This exhibition was called "Drone Sweet Drone" This project sparks conversation on the use of drones and the threats of their capabilities.

Ms. Neimetz has inspired me to look more into interactive design. You can tell the type of inspiration she gives off by the work of her students which gets better every year. Her work is one of the best illustrations of art and science coming together. When the science gets better the more interactive and fashionable the art costumes become.

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