Monday, May 23, 2016

Nanotech + Art - Week 8

NanoTech + Art
 Week 8
Josh Woods

After this week's lecture, my mind has been blown with information on nano technology. It is all around us most likely having them on you right now in your clothing or accessories. nanotechnology has made it possible for our phones to become smaller and smaller in size with more capabilities over the decades. I am fascinated not only on what I learned but my ignorance on the subject. Learning that the pictures of molecules that we've seen since science classes in junior high, are not what they really are left me boggled. The different pictures and what they are represented by represent a practically invisible molecules. These molecules are actually clouds of electrons and probabilities.
Gecko foot
With today's technology, we are able to mimic nature and give products and technology attributes that we not able to before. Scientist have been inspired by geckos feet to create new adhesive. These feet have fine nano structure that allows them to stick up to walls and support their weight. This inspired reusable tape. The Lotus leaf has inspired self cleaning fabrics and sprays. There is a shoe cleaner that my brother has lectured me on purchasing. You spray it on your shoes and they pretty much can't get dirty. I always wondered where they get these ideas from and now I know that it is all nano technology.

Other interesting uses of nanotechnology are in nanomedicine. Nanomedicines are being discovered to help fight diseases like never before. The most interesting are nanoshells. The nanoshells may be used for cancer therapy.They work through a physical selectivity through enhanced permeation retention. EPR is where the shells are linked to antibodies to detect and kill cancer cells. New nanotechnology may even one day be able to regenerate tissues and organs.

Nanotechnology is an art. Scientist are able to design things that humans have not been capable of creating until now. this line of work will only expand. Artist can create pieces and structures down to the genetics of what they are made of to create sleeker designs or give them special attributes. This technology can take art to another level both visual and biological.  

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